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5 Dec 2023 HSBC recognised as the Best Transaction and Cash Management Bank at the CorporateTreasurer Awards 2023 English PDF 56.59 KB


30 Nov 2023 HSBC and BRAC forge groundbreaking collaboration to drive digital transformation in Microfinance Sector English PDF 58.83 KB

28 Nov 2023 HSBC recognised as ‘Market Leader’ and ‘Best Service’ in Bangladesh by Euromoney English PDF 58.43 KB

14 Nov 2023 HSBC’s new ATM Booth at Unimart Gulshan 1 English PDF 149.83 KB

6 Nov 2023 HSBC Bangladesh hosts event promoting Japan–Bangladesh Business opportunities English PDF 56.30 KB


28 Oct 2023 Winners recognised at the ‘3rd HSBC BUSINESS EXCELLENCE AWARDS’ English PDF 65.88 KB


11 Sep 2023 HSBC to facilitate streamlined digital payment system for Ha-Meem Group English PDF 59.51 KB

3 Sep 2023 HSBC launches third Business Excellence Awards English PDF 20.58 KB


31 Aug 2023 HSBC Showcases the Next Step to Growth for Apparel Industry English PDF 61.24 KB

13 Aug 2023 HSBC named International Retail Bank of the Year in Bangladesh English PDF 57.26 KB


4 Jul 2023 HSBC arranges thought leadership digital session with airline industry English PDF 57.01 KB


21 Jun 2023 HSBC and DNCC continues to foster collaboration and innovation on sustainable development English PDF 76.48 KB

19 Jun 2023 HSBC and FBCCI launch UK-Bangladesh market study English PDF 67.40 KB

6 Jun 2023 HSBC continuing its journey towards digital transformation in the country English PDF 58.03 KB


12 May 2023 HSBC and IBA award young talents of Bangladesh with future skills English PDF 64.41 KB


15 Mar 2023 HSBC recognised as the ‘Market Leader’ in Bangladesh by Euromoney English PDF 57.37 KB

13 Mar 2023 HSBC Bangladesh Launches a New Sub-Branch in Tejgaon English PDF 56.39 KB

6 Mar 2023 HSBC showcases MNCs success journey in Bangladesh English PDF 61.43 KB

1 Mar 2023 HSBC-Mayor’s Cup School Badminton 2023 draws curtains, fostering the spirit of youth English PDF 58.95 KB

HSBC-Mayor’s Cup School Badminton Tournament Kicks-off English PDF 56.85 KB


14 Feb 2023 HSBC Appoints Gerard Kevin Haughey as the Country Head of Wholesale Banking in Bangladesh English PDF 54.96 KB

12 Feb 2023 HSBC Bangladesh gets ‘Superbrand’ recognition English PDF 16.00 KB


21 Jan 2023 ‘HSBC-AUW School of Apparel’ to Steer Women Leadership Skills in the Future of Fashion English PDF 44.40 KB


4 Dec 2022 HSBC’s Gulshan branch is the first LEED Platinum certified branch in Bangladesh English PDF 378.44 KB


23 Nov 2022 HSBC recognised as ‘Market Leader’, ‘Best Service’ by Euromoney English PDF 450.43 KB

20 Nov 2022 HSBC celebrates its journey towards innovation and digital-transformation in payments and trade English PDF 391.71 KB


30 Oct 2022 HSBC to facilitate statutory payment solution for corporate clients English PDF 296.08 KB

20 Oct 2022 HSBC inaugurates its newly relocated branch for Chattogram customers English PDF 290.65 KB

10 Oct 2022 HSBC introduces domestic foreign currency transaction through RTGS English PDF 297.22 KB

2 Oct 2022 HSBC continues supporting digitisation journey of country’s T&G industry English PDF 390.30 KB


19 Sep 2022 HSBC’s special program - “Dekhi Banglar Mukh” on Canada’s NRB TV mesmerises the audience English PDF 370.03 KB


31 Aug 2022 HSBC completes Acquisition Finance in Bangladesh LPG sector English PDF 292.06 KB

10 Aug 2022 HSBC Bangladesh wins International Retail Bank of the Year Award English PDF 358.97 KB

3 Aug 2022 HSBC’s Global Initiative to support female entrepreneurs launched in Bangladesh English PDF 376.40 KB

1 Aug 2022 First female Head of Retail Banking for HSBC Bangladesh English PDF 361.98 KB


27 Jul 2022 HSBC brings stakeholders working ‘Together for Climate’ English PDF 383.94 KB


30 May 2022 HSBC cardholders to enjoy exclusive discount at Sayeman Beach Resort English PDF 131.14 KB

29 May 2022 HSBC Bangladesh launches instant payments collection solution for customers English PDF 56.38 KB

28 May 2022 HSBC and IBA award young talents of Bangladesh with future skills English PDF 62.29 KB

10 May 2022 Bangladesh - a great investment destination for US investors English PDF 455.78 KB


11 Apr 2022 HSBC inaugurates its new relocated branch at Giant Business Tower Uttara English PDF 136.82 KB


31 Mar 2022 HSBC to provide digital cash management solution to TMSS English PDF 123.05 KB

30 Mar 2022 HSBC cardholders to enjoy up-to 10% discount at Novoair English PDF 150.70 KB

29 Mar 2022 HSBC cardholders to enjoy up-to 10% discount at Qatar Airways English PDF 122.89 KB

13 Mar 2022 Winners recognised at the ‘2nd HSBC Business Excellence Awards’ English PDF 78.36 KB


17 Feb 2022 HSBC introduces Bangladesh’s first Social Loan Principles based financing English PDF 58.10 KB

9 Feb 2022 HSBC Bangladesh sets host-to-host integration solution for M&J Group English PDF 57.82 KB


2 Jan 2022 HSBC recognised as Best Cash Management Bank at the CorporateTreasurer Awards 2021 English PDF 56.93 KB


18 Dec 2019 HSBC-UNDP Sustainable Reporting Workshop English PDF 451.10 KB

14 Dec 2019 HSBC launches 1st Business Excellence Awards English PDF 182.20 KB

1 Dec 2019 Bangladesh's Largest Urea Fertilizer Plant supported by HSBC English PDF 675.14 KB

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Head of Communications
HSBC Bangladesh
Phone: +88 (0)96 6633 1000

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